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Year 5Holiday Courses

During school holidays, pupils can attend our in-depth subject-based courses. Please note Year 5 Summer Holiday Courses are for Year 5 students who are due to go into Year 6.

From £130.00 per course

Year 5 Holiday Courses

During school holidays, pupils have the chance to attend our in-depth subject-based year 5 holiday courses.

Need help with comprehension?
Looking for more Maths challenge?

Getting stuck on creative writing?

There are several courses, planned and delivered by qualified teachers, available to suit all pupils’ needs.

Advanced Maths is suitable for high achievers in year 5. If you feel that your child has mastered key stage 2 maths content and is tired of not being challenged enough in lessons or in homework tasks, then this advanced course is ideal.

Students will have the opportunity to spend time on challenging problems, learn to solve complex problems and engage with puzzles and tasks that stretch further than the regular curriculum. We find this is an enjoyable course for learners who are ready to take on more challenging maths material.

Relevant school entrance exams

  • QE Boys’ and Independent schools

This course contains an advanced level of reading, challenging comprehension tasks and advanced writing technique. It is suitable for those who are already working at a high level in English and need an extra challenge.

Relevant school entrance exams

  • Independent school English exams
  • Henrietta Round 2 exam

This course will revise the key areas of our Year 5 maths curriculum. Examples of topic areas are as follows:

  • Problem solving
  • Number
  • Shape and space
  • Data and probability

Children will have a chance to practise exam style questions and receive feedback on how to improve.

Relevant school entrance exams

  • All schools

In this course, which aims to develop the fundamental literacy skills of reading and understanding, the class will read planned material and discuss themes, vocabulary and more. Children will have a chance to practise both standard comprehension questions and multiple-choice style questions and receive feedback on how to improve.

Relevant school entrance exams

  • QE Boys’
  • Henrietta Barnett
  • Bucks County Council
  • Independent schools

Write with expression, imagination and confidence.

Our aim is to encourage the children express themselves confidently through writing, whilst developing the technical side, be it choice of vocabulary, grammatical accuracy or how to write with structure.

The course will develop the following skills:

  • Ideas for writing
  • Structure
  • Vocabulary building
  • Speech and language fluency
  • Rules of writing; spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Relevant school entrance exams

  • Henrietta Barnett Round 2
  • Independent schools

This course focuses on the key areas of Verbal Reasoning tested in the GL style 11+ exams. Strategies and techniques are taught and discussed. Children will have a chance to practise these strategies in the lesson.

Relevant school entrance exams

  • SW Herts Consortium
  • Buckinghamshire County Council
  • Dame Alice Owen
  • Mill Hill County
  • Independent schools

What is Non-Verbal Reasoning?

Non-Verbal Reasoning is the ability to solve problems by interpreting images rather than words. Skills include recognising ways in which shapes and diagrams can be manipulated by changing their size, orientation and pattern.

Which schools test Non-Verbal Reasoning on their entrance exams?

Buckinghamshire County Council schools, Slough Consortium schools, Henrietta Barnett Girls’ school, Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’, City of London Boys’, Mill Hill County, St Paul’s Girls’ and St Michael’s Catholic Grammar. This list is a guide only. You should research the schools in which you are interested.

Does my child need Non-Verbal Reasoning lessons?

Once you are sure the schools you are applying for require Non-Verbal Reasoning, we suggest:

  • Practice at home using books and/or online platforms.
  • Booking one of our revision courses during the school holidays.

Course features: 2 days (5.5 hours each day)

  • Ideal GL style exam preparation
  • Maths exam question practice
  • VR exam question practice
  • English techniques and multiple-choice practice
  • Vocabulary building
  • Exam technique and hints and tips
  • A supervised lunch break

Relevant school entrance exams

  • SW Hertfordshire Consortium
  • Buckinghamshire County Council,
  • QE Boys’
  • Henrietta Barnett
  • Dame Alice Owen

Year 5 Students

These courses are suitable for children in year 5.

Price from £130.00 per course

Course is payable when booking.

Course Locations

Class Sizes

Each course has a maximum of

Why Hatch End Tuition?

School Admissions

As the parent, you must do your research on school admissions procedures...but we are only a phone call away to help with questions you may have.

Extremely Experienced

Our tutoring team combined has over 15,000 hours of 11+ tutoring experience.

Expert Advice

Our team has a wealth of expertise in teaching, mentoring and parenting, helping you through the 11+ journey.

Established and Experienced

Our Courses and Mock Exams are based on twenty years of experience.

Flexible Attendance

If you cannot make your lesson time this week, then swap into an online catch-up lesson.

Qualified Teachers

All tutors have teaching qualifications and have been carefully recruited by our team.

A well-rounded Experience

Our teaching and purposeful classroom environment equips the children for secondary school.

Sibling Discounts

We offer a sibling discount for twins or a second/third child in a different year.

Ongoing Enrolment

The way we teach, revisiting topics and techniques frequently, means you can join at any time in the course.

A Proven Curriculum

Our lessons are centrally planned by our expert and qualified team.

Inclusive Enrolment

No pre-assessment required to join our classes. All we require is that your child is in the matching year group at school.

Multiple Locations

We have multiple classroom locations across Hatch End, Bushey and Pinner.

Discounted Exams and Course

We offer discounts on our Mock Exams and Holiday Courses for current students.

Especially Popular

In the last 5 years, over 3000 bookings have been made for our Mock Exams.

I wanted to say a big thank you to the whole team at Hatch End for everything you did for our son. Also an extra big thank you to Chris for the extra time and attention that you gave us when we needed it. You have a great formula for success at the 11+. The lessons are well organised and structured. The homework is well organised and very clear, which is a massive help for the parents too. I would highly recommend the mock exams to anyone. Without those, we would not have had the same result. The detailed feedback enabled us to focus on any areas of weakness. By the time the summer came around last year, he'd suddenly grown up, he was a real self-starter and would wake up every morning during the holidays and just crack on with his work. He peaked just before the exam. We let our son choose the school he wanted to go to and was offered a place at his first choice, St Clement Danes. He is very happy. Thank you!


Make a day of it...!

Did you know that our course dates are designed and paired for you to get the most out of the day.

Our courses are paired by date so that you can take advantage by booking your child onto a morning and afternoon course and they can enjoy their packed lunch in our play gardens. Make a day of it...!

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Discounts for existing students

If your child is currently enrolled in our weekly tuition please log in to your account to obtain a discounted price on these Holiday Courses Pages.

Pick N' Mix Courses

Each course will be different, you may book as many as you wish without fear of repetition (except in the case of 11+ Revision Boost for Year 4 and 11+ Revision Course for Year 5). All courses are taught by a qualified teacher from our team.

Course Dates and Times

25th and 26th July 2024(2 day entry)

Year 5 Maths

9:15am to 11:45am

31st July and 1st August 2024(2 day entry)

Year 5 Non-Verbal Reasoning

9:15am to 11:45am

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