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Assessment Homework-marking, Feedback and Mock Tests

In Hatch End Tuition courses, our staff review weekly homework, provide comments on literacy progress, and deliver feedback on regular Mini-Mock Tests.

Assessment Opportunities

Where does my child stand?
What are their areas of strength and areas for development?
Are our secondary school-choices realistic?

These are just some of the questions that as a parent, you need answers to.

Hatch End Tuition can help. Our structured homework programme consists of answers and worked solutions to homework tasks. Weekly homework deadlines motivate children to be accountable for their standard of work and allow parents to keep up to speed with progress.

Mini-Mock tests are periodically set throughout the the year. These tests provide vital practice in timed exam conditions. Children receive their marked papers in the next lesson of the course, and parents are sent analysis of the scores.

Frequent Mini-Mock tests during courses help you see where your child stands.

Why Hatch End Tuition?

Sibling Discounts

We offer a sibling discount for twins or a second/third child in a different year.

Discounted Exams and Course

We offer discounts on our Mock Exams and Holiday Courses for current students.

Especially Popular

In the last 5 years, over 3000 bookings have been made for our Mock Exams.

Qualified Teachers

All tutors have teaching qualifications and have been carefully recruited by our team.

A well-rounded Experience

Our teaching and purposeful classroom environment equips the children for secondary school.

School Admissions

As the parent, you must do your research on school admissions procedures...but we are only a phone call away to help with questions you may have.

Inclusive Enrolment

No pre-assessment required to join our classes. All we require is that your child is in the matching year group at school.

Established and Experienced

Our Courses and Mock Exams are based on twenty years of experience.

Ongoing Enrolment

The way we teach, revisiting topics and techniques frequently, means you can join at any time in the course.

Extremely Experienced

Our tutoring team combined has over 15,000 hours of 11+ tutoring experience.

Expert Advice

Our team has a wealth of expertise in teaching, mentoring and parenting, helping you through the 11+ journey.

Flexible Attendance

If you cannot make your lesson time this week, then swap into an online catch-up lesson.

A Proven Curriculum

Our lessons are centrally planned by our expert and qualified team.

Multiple Locations

We have multiple classroom locations across Hatch End, Bushey and Pinner.

During school holidays, pupils have the chance to attend our in-depth subject-based courses...

Assessment Enquiry

Enquire about our assessment service or book a consultation…

If you have any questions or enquiries about our bespoke assessments, please contact us using the details below or complete the form in as much detail as possible so we know how best to help you.

Enquire about our Assessment Opportunities


I have been so pleased with Hatch End Tuition. Both my children were accepted at their first choice senior school and the lessons really helped them with their school work. They were given the tools to handle exam situations and making sure they completed their tuition and school homework taught them to effectively manage their time. This really helped my son when he started senior school. I would recommend Hatch End Tuition to anyone thinking of applying to any grammar or independent school. Thank you to you all.

Karen B

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No pre-assessment required before starting lessons.

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11+ Tuition Courses for Years 4, 5 and 6.

We provide tuition courses to fully prepare children for the 11+ and Independent School Examinations.

11+ Tuition Courses
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11+ Hatch End Mock Exams

Our 11+ Mock Exams match the timings, style, and format of the real exams. A perfect way to settle those exam nerves.

Book Mock Exams
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Holiday Courses

During school holidays, pupils can attend our in-depth subject-based courses, planned & delivered by qualified teachers.

Our Holiday Courses
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