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Mock Exam Terms and Conditions

Please read through our full terms and conditions for Hatch End Tuition Mock Exams.

1. Definitions

‘Child’ means the child who is registered to attend a mock exam;
‘Client’ means the parent or guardian of a Child registered to attend a mock exam;
‘HET’ means Hatch End Tuition
‘mock exam’ means the mock 11+ exam session which the child attends or which he/she is registered to attend.

‘Mock exam manager’ means the representative of HET present on the day of the mock exam

2. Parties

This agreement is between the Client and HET.

3. Safety

The Child must be dropped off by the Client to a staff member of HET at the entrance to the mock exam site at the designated time, and not before.

4. Exam Session

The Client shall return to the exam site to collect their child from a staff member within a timely fashion.

If the Client is more than 10 minutes later than the agreed collection time for the Child, then HET will phone the contact number supplied.

If the Client is more than 20 minutes later than the agreed collection time for the Child, then the Client accepts that there may be a charge for the waiting time of HET staff, and if this is the case, will be informed within 48 hours via email

5. Medical conditions and treatment

HET undertake that at least one member of staff supervising the exam session will be first aid trained.

At time of booking, the client must inform HET of any medical conditions/allergies that should be brought to the attention of the supervising staff members.

Any food brought to the exam by a child must be nut-free. There will be a break during which students will be able to eat their own food at their own desk.

If HET is informed that a child attending a mock exam has an allergy, the mock exam manager will endeavour to take all possible precautions to make sure there are no exposures to any allergies, however please note we cannot guarantee an allergen free environment.

If the medical condition of a child potentially requires intervention from a staff member, the parent/carer should remain contactable at the exam location for the duration of the exam session.

6. Changes or cancellation of exam sessions by the Client

If the Client wishes to change the Exam Session date, they can change to another Exam Session of the same type, giving a minimum of 7 days notice before the booked exam date, as long as there is availability. If there is no availability in other sessions, HET cannot take responsibility for client cancellations

If the Client wishes to cancel the Exam Session date, they can do so giving a minimum of 14 days notice before the booked exam date, and will receive a refund of 90% of the exam cost. Please note 10% of the exam cost is kept to cover administration costs.

7. Changes of exam sessions by HET

Hatch End Tuition reserves the right to change or cancel the mock exam (or the Child’s booking at the mock exam) if necessary, at any time up to and including the mock exam date. Every effort is made to ensure that mock exams run as timetabled in order to avoid disappointment and inconvenience.

In the event of a cancelled exam by HET due to circumstances within our control, HET will refund the full cost of the exam to the Client.

In the event of a cancelled exam due to circumstances outside of our control, including but not limited to adverse weather conditions, natural disasters, collapse of buildings, epidemic, strikes, no refund will be given. We will however endeavour to offer alternative mock exams wherever possible.

8. Absence due to illness, including Covid-19

If a Child is too unwell to attend a mock exam session, including testing positive for Covid-19, the Client should inform HET and all efforts will be made to offer an alternative session to sit the same paper once the Child is feeling well again/has completed their isolation period and has had a negative LFT test in the case of Covid-19.

A one off alternative date will be arranged to accommodate absentees due to illness, and whilst HET will endeavour to accommodate all absentees wherever possible, if a Child is unable to attend the alternative session offered, another session cannot be guaranteed.

The Child is required to take a Lateral Flow Test for Covid-19 before attending their mock exam, and is required to only attend the exam in the event of a negative result. This policy shall be amended where necessary in accordance with changes to government guidance.

9. Feedback from the Exam

As part of the mock exam service, Hatch End Tuition will electronically provide the following feedback to the Client:

  • A report of incorrectly answered questions from the Child’s exam paper.
  • The Child’s scores for each exam paper and ranking position within the exam cohort.
  • Analysis of the cohort’s scores containing averages and spread of scores.
  • In the case of mock exams containing a Non-Verbal Reasoning element, any Non-Verbal Reasoning questions from the paper will not be made available to the Client.

10. Data Protection

We will use the personal data that you give us to:

  • provide the session; and
  • inform you about similar products and services offered by HET
  • We may store personal data in hard or electronic form and it may be accessed by other members of the HET network. We will not give, or provide access to, personal data to any third party.
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